Struggling To 
Create a Business That
Works For You?

Solidify your Financial Foundations to secure your business for greater piece of mind.


Would you consider building a house
without a solid foundation?

While that may sound crazy, many successful businesses have costly gaps in their financial foundations leading to uncertainty, anxiety and fear.

It doesn't have to be that way, you can build your business on a solid financial foundation.

Learn how to experience more peace of mind, confidence and control by solidifying your
financial foundations and getting your business to work for you.


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A Program for Small Businesses

  • Free yourself up to begin enjoying the rewards of owning a business.
  • Provide more value and a better experience to your team, partners and customers.
  • Craft a more valuable business that operates more efficiently and effectively.
  • Experience more peace of mind and confidence with more organization and structure.
  • Reduce uncertainty and fear by having clear insights and more control at your finger tips.

A Powerful & Transformative Program

In The Financial Freedom Bootcamp, you will collaborate with the Kenny & Kenny advisory team and take more control of your business to achieve the goals that are most important to you.


Over The Next 6 Months, You Could…

  • Have clear insights and direction for your financial future
  • Optimize your processes to cultivate a better ROI
  • Enjoy more work, life balance with greater peace of mind

The right business adjustments in the right areas can make all the difference.


Financial Foundations Bootcamp


Achieve The Next Level in a Structured Program

In this six-month bootcamp, you will collaborate the Kenny & Kenny advisory team to improve in the critical financial, accounting and tax areas of your business to get your business working for you.

Together we'll:

  • Optimize and elevate your business
  • Elevate your business's financial health
  • Cultivate more freedom and fulfillment

By making small adjustments in key areas of your business, you elevate your business to the next level.

Included In
The Financial Foundations
Group Program

  • Strategic Planning Session

  • Two Monthly Advisory Sessions

  • Additional Group Meetings

  • Targeted Video Programs

  • Additional Online Tools & Resources


Accounting Systems

Review and refine the critical financial areas of your business to ensure your business is aligned and set up for success, including:

  • Creating Accounting System
  • Financial Reporting
  • Cash Flow Reporting

By completing this stage of the program, you'll have more focus, clarity and confidence of where you are currently at with your business and the actions to take to get to where you aim to go.


The Business Model

With your accounting systems in good shape, the next step is to review the key areas in your business model that can make or break you. In this stage, you’ll learn:

  • Understanding Your Costs
  • Pricing Products and Services
  • Related Reporting

You’ll finish this stage of the program with the confidence you have your business structure and model working for you.


Save More with Tax Planning

It's not how much money you make, it's how much you get to keep. In this stage of the program, you’ll learn:

  • Understanding How Taxes Work
  • Creating a Tax Plan
  • Funding Your Taxes

When completing this stage of the program, you'll have the foundations to begin keeping more of the money you earn.

This Bootcamp Is For You If...

  • You want to have more peace of mind and confidence in your business
  • You are seeking direction and support to improve your business and personal finances
  • You are ready to be proactive in your financial success

I'm Tim Kenny

At this stage of my career, I am interested in helping clients achieve next level results and their personal and business dreams. The professionals that I work with do an incredible job. We love working together and getting customer results.

Something about me:
I take starting my day right very seriously, because my family and clients deserve the best. If we work together, I’d love to share my ritual if you are interested.


"Tim Kenny saved my business and helped me successfully sell it seven years later. I am forever grateful. Tim provided a business valuation, made introductions to get me the best banking, and provided consultation to make my business profitable."

- Joyce Marter

"Tim Kenny & his team have been invaluable to not only my company but to me personally. As a new business owner, Tim took me under his wing and taught me everything there is to know about running a business."

- Marion Hauser

"They are the most important consultant that we use. They are tremendously honest and you can trust their recommendations. ... I cannot recommend them more highly."

- Ann Dubin

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