Financial Foundations Bootcamp

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Established in 1971

You are a leader in your industry with your service and products. Let us help you grow your revenue and profit, and keep more of the dollars that you make. You need more than just an accounting department, you need a solid business plan too. We will create business value and success through the strategy we develop together.

Core Competencies


For the same reason, you shouldn’t build a house without experience, you should not design and implement your business’ accounting system without experience.  Not everyone is qualified to setup QuickBooks off the shelf…

Kenny & Kenny Advisory Services

Our advisory services are designed to help you achieve break-through results and a business that works for you. We guarantee them.


A properly prepared tax return gives you peace of mind knowing that what is reported to the taxing authorities is proper and supported, knowing that your return was prepared to take advantage of the tax laws that reduce your liability without exposing you to additional risk.  Your information is completely confidential.

Let’s see if we’re a good fit :

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