Tim Kenny saved my business and helped me successfully sell it seven years later. I am forever grateful. Tim provided a business valuation, made introductions to get me the best banking, and provided consultation to make my business profitable. He then introduced me to a broker and was instrumental in the due diligence and sale process. Tim is kind, caring, extremely knowledgable, wise and professional. I have referred more than five friends and colleagues to him with great confidence, all who have provided positive feedback as well. I highly recommend any opportunity to work with Tim.

Joyce Marter

I have been working with Kenny & Kenny for 15+ years. Tim Kenny & his team have been invaluable to not only my company but to me personally. As a new business owner, Tim took me under his wing and taught me everything there is to know about running a business. Since hiring his firm our company has not only improved our processes, but revenue as well. Tim is now a key trusted member of our team. I cannot more highly recommend not only Kenny & Kenny’s accounting services, but their presence as a consulting member of anyone’s business. Honest. Trustworthy. Learns your business. Knows your business. Works for you. It will be the best decision you have ever made. Feel free to contact me for more information.

Marion Hauser

I have used Kenny & Kenny for over 10 years for our local business. They are the most important consultant that we use. They are tremendously honest and you can trust their recommendations. Tim Kenny, Logan, and the whole team at Kenny & Kenny are there to help make you successful. I cannot recommend them more highly.

Ann Dubin

Kenny and Kenny has been my business consultant and accounting firm since approximately 1995. I was immediately drawn to their individualized approach to me and my business. The years following have proven that judgement to be correct. Tim Kenny and his amazing staff are intelligent, skilled in accounting, honest, helpful, committed and so available. They have helped my business grow and become solid. I have had nothing but superlative care from the K & K team (most of whom are the same team I met in my first contact with Tim and his father, Dennis). I have seen members of the K and K team grow and become even more skilled over the years. I consider all of this group to be my friends as well as business consultants. I could not have the business or the life I have without them.

Walter D. Miller

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